Massage therapy can be an effective tool in addressing pain and discomfort associated with pregnancy, delivery and postpartum recovery. Symptoms such as swelling, muscular pain, engorgement/clogged ducts, and postpartum mood disorders can be alleviated.

Labor Preparation Prenatal massage

Using a combination of acupressure points and Swedish/deep tissue massage, the therapist helps the client release unwanted tension, stress or pain thus naturally stimulating the progression of labor. This type of massage softens and aligns muscles of the upper, mid and lower back. As a result, most clients experience a sense of relief in the pelvic floor and their hips which is beneficial in preparation for delivery.


The long, fluid strokes of a Swedish massage will relax your body and mind. Swedish massage improves circulation, boosts the immune system, and relieves minor aches and pains.

Deep Tissue

Firmer pressure and more specific strokes are used in a deep tissue massage to address tension and pain, break up adhesions (or knots) and aid in injury recovery.


Helpful for those with a chronic health condition such as diabetes, HIV, or autoimmune diseases, or for those undergoing cancer treatment. Massage can help alleviate medication side-effects and general pain, and can relieve stress. A doctor’s note and permission is required. Please contact us if you’d like to discuss your situation.


This is a targeted Swedish or deep tissue massage which is designed to address sports injuries and chronic tightness, and to promote optimal athletic functioning. Useful for both pre-event preparation, and post event recovery.

I’m a very vocal proponent of massage for de-stressing and general wellness. It wasn’t till I tore the menisci in my knee that I needed it for pain relief. Physical therapy helped but it didn’t actually relieve my pain. I had been having regular massages from Fiona. When I mentioned my knee pain to her, she went to work. For the first time in a year, I walked home pain free. I still have some pain from time to time but with weekly massages, Fiona’s skill and caring have made my pain much more manageable. I’ve returned to my usual activity. Thank you, Fiona!
— Linda P., New York, NY